Set off on the adventure of a lifetime as you trek to one of the world’s most magnificent mountains; Kilimanjaro situated in northeastern Tanzania. Africa’s highest peak soars above rippling coffee plantations and low hills at an almighty 19,341 ft.

Begin your journey in Arusha and follow the less-travelled Lemosho-Kosovo Route, hiking eight days through the spectacular landscapes of five temperate zones.

On this magnificent trek, take in extraordinary views extending hundreds of miles and experience sunrise from the roof of Africa. Then opt to continue the adventure during a five-day safari in some of East Africa’s most legendary landscapes. Travel to the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park as you search for the “Big Five” and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you.

For details on the optional safari extension post-expedition, please call.

Trip highlights

Climb to Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro, the tallest, free-standing mountain in the world.

Spend the night camping below the summit where you can gaze at the stars above.

Delve into the rainforests of Montane on the edge of Kilimanjaro, where we will trek past heather moors, lava formations, and glaciers as you climb through five distinct temperate zones.

Learn more about the unique flora and fauna of the mountain with local guides.

An optional safari into the heart of Tanzania searching for the “big five” and other spectacular wildlife in the grasslands of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater.

Itinerary - 10 Days

1 Arusha, Tanzania

Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport, and drive to Arusha National Park where you can enjoy the surroundings of our private deluxe camp situated on the slopes on Mount Meru, a 14,980-foot volcano. Itikoni Camp is at an elevation of about 6,200 feet, which will help our acclimatization. (D)

2 Mount Meru

Start your day by preparing for a warm-up hike along the lush slopes of Mount Meru, the fifth-highest peak in Africa. During the hike, keep an eye out for the distinctive black-and-white colobus monkey of the region, as well as bushbuck, duiker, buffalo, giraffe, rare birds, and if we’re lucky, elephant and leopard. (Altitude: 6,200', 1-2 hours hiking, 2 miles) (B/L/D)

3 Begin Trek/Montane Forest

Set off on a short drive to the edge of Kilimanjaro’s montane forests, where our trek begins. Trek pasted mosey jungle where you may find colobus monkeys dangling from branches and other wildlife hidden within the lush vegetation. We will be joined by naturalists who will talk in detail about the plants and animals that live within the forest.
Tonight, we will be camping in montane forests and our camp will be set up when we arrive. (Altitude: 9,000', 3-6 hours hiking) (B/L/D)

4 Shira Plateau

Start the day with a hot tea and water which will be delivered to your tent by our guides. After breakfast at camp, we will continue our hike through the forest before crossing into the sub-alpine hagenia zone. Take the time to enjoy the spectacular scenery that surrounds you while acclimating to the altitude. (Altitude: 11,300', 6-8 hours hiking) (B/L/D)

5 Moir Camp

Trek across the Shira Plateau, the remains of an ancient volcanic crater, and then follow the trail up the western slope of the Kibo Massif. Take note of the snowy summit that looms over our camp, glowing in the late-afternoon light. (Altitude: 13,900', 4-6 hours hiking) (B/L/D)

6 Barranco Valley

Continue the trek along the massif, hiking into the alpine zone to the base of Lava Tower, a volcanic plug that juts 300 feet into the air. Make your way across the troughs of long-dried rivers and skirt surreal lava sculptures as we make a breathtaking descent into the Barranco Valley. This protected area is home to rare plant species such as giant groundsel trees that are able to grow at high altitude. (Ascent: 13,000’, 5 hours hiking) (B/L/D)

7 Karanga Valley

Make your way out on the steep ascent up the Barranco “breakfast” Wall, climbing out of the valley amid stunning views of exposed lava flows and cloud-topped peaks. Cross under ice-laden glaciers before you begin the descent into the Karanga Valley for the night. (Altitude: 13,000’, 7 hours hiking) (B/L/D)

8 Kosovo Camp

Continue the journey through the alpine zone, enjoying the spectacular views of the mountain’s southern glaciers. Begin the ascent to Barafu Camp which is perched on an exposed ridge amid otherworldly landscapes of rocky ridges and sharp escarpments. After a short rest, we will continue on our trek towards Kosovo Camp, gaining some valuable extra time for tomorrow’s hike to the summit. (Altitude: 15,600’, 5-6 hours hiking) (B/L/D)

9 Summit/Mweka Camp

Awake in the middle of the night as we begin our journey to the summit, making our way through stark ridges toward the crater rim at Stella Point. Hike along the eroded remnants of the rim to the mountain’s summit, where we stop to marvel at the panoramic views as dawn breaks.
Stand at the highest point of the African continent and savour this breathtaking moment before starting the return trek. Wind past Kosovo and Barafu Camps into the forest to Mweka Camp, where a well-earned feast awaits. (Altitude: 10,500’, 11-13 hours hiking) (B/L/D)

10 End Trek/Arusha

On the last day of the expedition, hike down through the rainforest to the road-head, a rapid descent of 4,500 feet. After lunch, drive to Arusha for an early celebratory dinner before transferring to the airport for your flight home. Or, choose to extend your adventure in Tanzania with an optional five-day wildlife safari. (3-4 hours hiking) (B/L/D)

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