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New Year, New Discoveries

January 27, 2022

For many of us the start of each New Year brings with it the urge to explore and discover more about the world around us, and never more so than this year, when travel has been so restricted for so many of us.

At National Geographic Expeditions we are once again preparing to offer an unparalleled selection of unique trips designed for travellers for whom ticking the box labelled “been there, done that” is simply not enough.

We offer journeys of discovery and exploration that are never less than inspirational, educational and enriching. When you travel with National Geographic you deepen your understanding of the world—whether you’re climbing into ice tunnels with a glaciologist in Iceland or exploring Maya ruins in Guatemala with an archaeologist. From the researchers, photographers and explorers who lead our trips to the local guides and experts we meet in the field, you’ll be surrounded by people who are steeped in knowledge and insights about the places we go. And they’re passionate about sharing that knowledge with you.

Unlike ordinary travel operators, National Geographic Expeditions is built upon a legacy of exploration that stretches back over 130 years. More importantly, our unique travel experiences are carefully designed to educate and inspire our clients to become advocates for the protection and preservation of the places and peoples that we visit, long after they have returned home.

This year, as well as the 80-plus destinations, across all seven continents, to which we have previously taken travellers, we are introducing a number of new and unique trips to far-flung corners of the globe. Onboard our Expedition Cruises we will be exploring the great Austral Loop in Antarctica, the Northeast Greenland National park and the Islands of Melanesia, to name but a few.

If the start of 2022 has inspired you to seek new horizons, National Geographic Expeditions can offer you a wealth of incredible experiences and extraordinary opportunities. And, rest assured, when you travel with us, you will also be giving back. Every year, we distribute a portion of our proceeds to the non-profit National Geographic Society, so by travelling with us you are contributing to NGS’s work to preserve species and ecosystems, protect cultures, and advance understanding of our planet and its inhabitants.

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