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Meeting desert nomads in Mongolia, going behind the scenes at Angkor Wat, sailing between Arctic ice floes, locking eyes with a young mountain gorilla in a remote Rwandan rainforest…
August 2, 2022

Meeting desert nomads in Mongolia, going behind the scenes at Angkor Wat, sailing between Arctic ice floes, locking eyes with a young mountain gorilla in a remote Rwandan rainforest…  These experiences were once the sole preserve of professional explorers and documentary filmmakers. National Geographic Expeditions are experts at making them available to all travellers. Curated and accompanied by National Geographic experts including explorers, photographers and writers, they are designed with a wide range of interests, ages and abilities in mind. Offering insights, adventure and inspiration, these expeditions are a superb way to get under the skin of a destination, whether you’re after high-adrenaline adventure or slower paced scenic experiences.

A herd of 6 reindeer on a grass patch across the sea from a mountain range

For an Arctic adventure: Pristine Spitsbergen

Expedition cruises offer an opportunity to reach pristine regions of the world you may otherwise never experience. Heading into Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago with a National Geographic photographer, travellers can marvel at glaciers, seek out polar bears and receive a masterclass in how to capture the scene with your camera. Other species you may see during your voyage include Arctic foxes, Svalbard reindeer, Arctic terns, walruses, whales and puffins.

Two zebras stand next to each other

For nature-mad families: Southern Africa’s Big Five

Family tours from National Geographic Expeditions bring the classroom outdoors and make learning fun for all ages. This journey includes a safari in South Africa’s jaw-dropping Kruger National Park and a trip to the iconic Victoria Falls. Children will love spotting elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalos, as well as learning how smaller species such as warthogs and dung beetles fit into the ecosystem.

For spectacular views: The Chilean Fjords

On this trip, you won’t even have to leave the ship to enjoy the superb views of Chile’s dramatic scenery, making it a great option for those who prefer their adventure at a slower pace. A National Geographic photographer will help you shoot the dramatic landscapes, while a National Geographic expert will explain how the region’s glaciers help scientists collect crucial data related to climate change.

Two orangutans hang from a tree in a forest

For wildlife watchers: Borneo Wildlife Adventure

There are two ways to see orangutans in the wild: glimpsing them from afar in their native forests, or observing them more closely in local sanctuaries. During this trip to Malaysian Borneo, you’ll do both. You’ll take time to visit a community-based organisation that’s working to protect Borneo’s natural and cultural heritage, and, with luck, you’ll also see gibbons, langurs, Malayan sun bears and red giant flying squirrels.

For community immersion: Cultural Mexico

For a more intimate experience, try a small-group tour and delve deeper into local lifestyles and traditions. On this lively tour of Mexico City, Pueblo and Oaxaca, you’ll visit museums and markets, meet artisans, dine with local families, discover how mezcal is distilled and learn how to make tortillas. Other National Geographic Expeditions small-group tour destinations include Greece, Ecuador, Jordan and Mongolia.

An inlet of a seaport city between a mountain range and sea with boats in Egypt

For history buffs: Egypt’s Ancient Wonders

Travelling with a National Geographic expert will allow you to fully appreciate and understand the antiquities of Giza and Luxor. This tour includes an exclusive, after-hours visit to the Egyptian Museum, which houses spectacular relics recovered from King Tutankhamun’s tomb, and trips to lesser-visited sites such as the pyramids at Dahshūr, the Valley of the Queens, and the stunningly painted tomb of King Seti I.

A waddle of penguins on an ice floe near rocky, snow covered land in Antarctica

For penguins and whales: Emblematic Antarctica

For a unique insight into the fragile icy landscapes and teeming wildlife colonies of the Southern Ocean, take on this expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula led by polar naturalists and National Geographic experts. Following environmental guidelines to the letter, highlights may include kayaking through serene landscapes, while whales and seals surface in the distance and penguins porpoise back to shore.

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